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Tamara's Magnetic Money Clip

September 24, 2017

Tamara and I were at a department store recently. I was over looking at wallets and thought I might grab a money clip as our tip jar has been doin' pretty good lately. I found a magnetic money clip that was made out of leather and had a couple of strong magnets sewed inside, but there was a problem. They wanted damn near forty bucks for the thing! Forget that! We went home and Tamara got online and found some magnets on an online magnet store. There really is someone out there who just sells magnets of all kinds! Quite a niche. Anyhow, they stated that their magnets were really strong, and we found out they weren't lying when we got them in the mail a few days later, I could hardly get them apart! Tamara then spent a few hours in her craft room and made me a real nice money clip out of some buffalo hide that she had picked up in Arizona a few years ago. I don't think I'll ever have enough cash that this thing can't hold. It's like a mouse trap! Well, we were out at the Walmart parking lot the other day heading home, and as I got close to our truck to get in, those damn magnets in my pocket pulled my pants out (My pants are a bit baggy these days) and stuck to the truck! Holy Smokes those are some strong magnets! It's not like I couldn't get away, the magnets aren't that strong, but I was shocked that in my pocket, and merely walking by the truck, they reached out, in my pants, and stuck to the truck!! As I looked down in amazement, at my pants pulled out and stuck to the truck, I heard some woman across the parking lot exclaim: "Wow!!! he really likes that truck!".

Assisted Living Gig

September 18, 2017

Today at 3pm, Tamara and I play at an assisted living facility as we do most Mondays.
Mondays are our "Volunteer Day". The folks say they appreciate our music, and they are always a pleasure to play for, but our playing these places is an awesome thing for Tamara and I also. These gigs help me and Tamara get "rolling" for the week. They are a steady gig which helps keep mine and my wife's chops up. We get to play a little on the mellow side too. It's a nice change and a great way to spend some time on a Monday.

R.I.P. Dave Spencer

September 17, 2017

Today at 2pm there will be a get together at the American Legion on W. Kearney to honor
Mr. Dave Spencer who passed away last Friday. I got to know Dave about twenty years ago, and as far as I am concerned he is one of the last great dance band leaders who knew that playing music is in fact a public service orientated business. He played the music folks liked to dance to, and he knew how to change it up song after song to keep 'em dancing. He got a lot of folks up and dancing through the years. Mr. Spencer it was an honor to know you, and to learn from you. God Speed and Rest In Peace Dave Spencer.

The Aurora Eagles!

September 16, 2017

Tamara and I are headed out to the Aurora Eagles tonight. This time we are customers! We'll be going next Saturday night to be back playing with The Southern Country Band. We hope to see you out there one of these Saturday Nights 8pm - 12